World Poverty, 2008 Edition (Information Plus Reference Series)

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Barrett, C. The self-reinforcing feedback between low soil fertility and chronic poverty. Sklenicka, P.

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Arid Environ. Is land degradation neutrality feasible in dry areas? Soil carbon sequestration impacts on global climate change and food security. Science , — West, P.

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An old man living below poverty line in Pakistan ---Bring love and happiness for poor--

Is poverty more acute near parks? An assessment of infant mortality rates around protected areas in developing countries. Oryx 42 , 26—35 Sartorius, B. Global infant mortality trends and attributable determinants — an ecological study using data from countries for the period — Health Metrics 12 , 29 Fritzell, J.

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Policy 12 , 26—47 Pender, J.

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Lufumpa, C. The poverty-environment nexus in Africa. Jayne, T. Land pressures, the evolution of farming systems, and development strategies in Africa: a synthesis. Food Policy 48 , 1—17 Binswanger-Mkhize, H. Agricultural intensification: the status of six African countries. Food Policy 67 , 26—40 Hazell, P. Drivers of change in global agriculture. A comprehensive review of the current challenges and options for improving global agricultural policy, including overcoming problems of land degradation.

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  • Smallholder market participation: concepts and evidence from eastern and southern Africa. Food Policy 33 , — Gollin, D. Productivity, transport costs and subsistence agriculture.

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    Poverty, development and environment. Ahmed, A. Banerjee, A. The economic lives of the poor. Lee, D. Agricultural sustainability and technology adoption: issues and policies for developing countries. Factors influencing adoption and continued use of long-term soil and water conservation measures in five developing countries.