Tropical Agroecosystems (Advances in Agroecology)

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Mastadon Valley Farm: Viola, Wisconsin. Free-range chickens in a Conservation Reserve Program prairie restoration with a polyculture of perennial fruit and nut producing plants on degraded pasture. Carandale Farm: Oregon, WI. Dale researches crops that might support more sustainable, local food systems. So, different landscapes, soils, and climates will require unique blends of crops, animals, and practices.

Farming systems are only truly sustainable if the food they grow winds up on the forks of consumers.

This means that transitioning to an agroecological farming system at large scale means more than just picking and choosing from the practices listed above. Instead, thinking big about agroecology means developing the science, business models and policies to support healthier relationships between agroecosystems, producers and consumers, and building from there to produce real transformative change.

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I look forward to reading more of your posts. Show Comments. Comment Policy UCS welcomes comments that foster civil conversation and debate. Osmar Coelho Filho. The elegance of agroecology is that it can be understood as a universal framework that broadly promotes sustainability in agriculture, natural resource management, and social infrastructure.

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The framework can be used generally to define the context of agriculture, natural resource, and food system challenges for developing specific place-based solutions. What agroecology means to all of us should be similar, but how we express and advance agroecology will be unique to each of our current strengths and weaknesses. One great example close to home at TREC is the effort to combat Laurel Wilt , a disease affecting the avocado industry and native trees across the state. It is transmitted by a beetle that lives inside the tree.

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This is an all-hands-on-deck sort of issue that requires a diverse team of researchers to understand the many facets of the disease and to develop a response for the many avocado growers of the region. We hope you can help us to contribute to the conversation. Our comment section is open and we would be pleased to have guest contributors. How confident do you feel about describing agroecology?

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