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No doubt that criticism and literary and artistic perception have bewilderedly stood in front of the texts of the creative writers, confused with the flow and perception, because those texts have completely overturned the scales of critical study and programs, or so said the most famous modern critics. Tayeb Salih has written great and unmatched texts without seeking for the literary glory which he well-deserved. With the above introduction, the narrator paved the way for the events and movements of Mansi and gave him many nicknames to cover that short life which was full of stances; in a novel that comprised of 34 different scenes.

The narrator, who was the author himself, modeled his novel on reporting, narrating or storytelling and in a style that is simple and rich of streaming information as it is always the way in his other novels such as the Season of Migration to the North, the Wedding of Zein, Bandarshah and others. In field of professions, he said Mansi worked as a porter, a nurse, a teacher, an actor, an interpreter, a writer, a university professor, a businessman and a clown, while in the area of??

He also left behind a farm of one hundred acres in Virginia in the United States, a restaurant and a tourism company. A voice of an American young guy, his eldest son Simon, answered me. I learned from him that death took his father without warning as he was completely healthy, where he suffered from liver cancer that ended his life within weeks. I was then in Sudan… I thought about asking him how he managed the funeral of his father and he told me that they had not buried him yet, after around ten days since he died, and that they were waiting for the proceedings to complete to cremate his body … I told him that his father is a Muslim man and that body cremation is forbidden for Muslims.

Denys Johnson-Davies Translator. Hisham Matar Introduction. Here, however, the story that emerges through the overlapping, sometimes contradictory voices of the villagers is comic. Zein is the village idiot, and everyone in the village is dumbfounded when the news goes around that he will be getting married—Zein the freak, Zein who burst into laughter the moment he was born and has kept women and children laughing ever since, Zein who lost all his teeth at six and whose face is completely hairless, Zein married at last?

It would be unheard of for him to get married himself. Get A Copy. Paperback , pages. More Details Original Title.

The Wedding of Zein and Other Stories

Other Editions Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about The Wedding of Zein , please sign up. Rhiannon Grant It's actually three stories, so depends which one you're asking about! In the final and longest one, the main character is the eponymous Zein. Wife of the celebrated entertainment personality, Anwar Maqsood, she has her own claims to fame.

He had a distinguished career at the World Bank for two decades —99 and was a member of the Mahathir Commission that developed Vision for the Islamic Development Bank. Izhar Soomro is a senior journalist, author, poet and academic. He has been writing for various Sindhi and Urdu Newspapers for over three decades. Khan has had a long career in the international energy sector, including the power sector of Pakistan. He comes from a family of scholars, writers, and storytellers.

He is a lifelong Tai Chi practitioner, and he has an avid interest in world philosophies and spiritual traditions and practices. Jahanzaib Haque is a journalist and researcher who has been associated with the top media groups in Pakistan. A specialist in online journalism, he has launched and headed some of the biggest news sites in Pakistan, such as Tribune.

Haque writes on media, the internet, and human rights in relation to cyberspace. He is also the founder of Digital Journalists of Pakistan—an online platform that connects journalists across media groups. As a Wildlife Conservator in the Government of Sindh, he is responsible for the protection, conservation, and management of wildlife in Sindh.

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The Urdu translation of his book, What is Pakistaniat? As a minister in three federal cabinets and as a senator, he has played a major role in enhancing freedom of the media in Pakistan. He drafted the laws which introduced private electronic media to Pakistan and the Freedom of Information Ordinance.

He did his M.

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Honours in English from Cambridge University, England. He taught English at Karachi University for over four years. He resigned when Zia ul Haq took over, refusing to work for a military dictator, left the country to work abroad and now live in the UK.


Jawad Sharif is an award-winning filmmaker, known for his signature visual storytelling style. He has worked on a number of socially and culturally sensitive film projects involving the themes of human rights and social injustice besides arts and culture. He has also won several awards for his film K2 and the Invisible Footmen , which has been screened in film festivals around the world. She also enjoys a portfolio in theatre and television, which boasts about advocating empowering humanity and culture.

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He was also the first head of the Benazir Income Support Programme and designed the programme. He has over 35 research publications in national and international journals and conferences. Making her debut in the fashion world, she used her media presence to combat prejudice against transgender persons. Her participation in documentary projects, such as Chuppan Chupai , and a BBC 3 documentary, also helped raise global awareness on trans and gender issues in Pakistan.

Ms Chaudhary also works with a political policy making team at government level that is promoting legislation for inclusive rights for the transgender community. She is presently working to establish the Sub Rang Society. Khaled Anam is a singer, actor, song-writer, theatrical producer, and performer. He also hosts and produces a radio show based on Urdu literature and old songs on FM Khalid Nadeem is a poet and literary scholar who lives in Sargodha. Nadeem knows five languages, viz.

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Punjabi, Urdu, Persian, Hindi, and English. His major fields are research, criticism, editing, translation, and poetry. Khusro Mumtaz has written extensively on film, theatre, and music for various publications such as The News, Dawn , and The Friday Times and is one of the leading film critics in the country.

He has co-hosted a successful movie review programme on television which ran for a number of years; served on the Kara Film Festival Jury and Lux Style Awards Jury for Film Awards a number of times, and is the first and so far only recipient of the Kara Film Festival award for film criticism. Kulsoom Aftab is a dramatist, poet, actor, original content creator, director, translator, voice-over artist, script consultant, writing and acting coach, student counsellor, and NAPA faculty. Kulsoom is an activist for meaningful entertainment, female empowerment, and original content.

Maheen Humayun is a writer, poet and journalist based in Karachi, Pakistan. She is also an avid art journaller, coffee drinker, and impassioned feminist. Maheen Zia is a Karachi-based filmmaker. She has collaborated on several projects with Madiha Aijaz and the two recently begun work on a feature length documentary.

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Since , she has been recording qawwali and classical music in Pakistan as part of the Dream Journey sessions. Mahin Abdul Wahid Baloch is a teacher, trainer, purposepreneur, and a social worker. She is the founder of Mestag Foundation through which she provides free education to street children in Lyari, Karachi.

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She formed her theatre group Rock the Band to use it as a powerful tool to convey socially relevant messages. She has also done plays in Urdu and Balochi too. Theb Foundation regularly arranges music concerts. The Foundation has produced over 60 music CDs and published various books on music and arts. Maniza Naqvi is a novelist and short story writer. Sarajevo Saturdays is a collection of her short stories and poems. She writes fiction and essays as a Monday columnist for 3Quarksdaily.

She is currently working on her new book. She is also currently associated with skills development programmes, conducting customized trainings on topics related to business writing skills. After completing her Masters from the University of Turin, Italy, in , she established her own architecture and design studio. She founded the Pakistan Chowk Community Centre in He is also a media critic, writer, researcher, and cultural rights activist, presently working as executive director, Society for Alternative Media and Research SAMAR , a non-governmental organization based in Islamabad. He propagates inter-faith and inter-sectoral harmony in his speeches.

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