The Making of Three Russian Revolutionaries

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It all depended on Lenin.

He was very nearly overthrown in a coup by rebellious coalition partners but he made his own luck, though, by a combination of ideological passion, ruthless pragmatism, unchecked bloodletting and the will to establish a dictatorship. And sometimes, he just got plain lucky: On Aug.

He survived by inches. Had any of these events foiled Lenin, our own times would be radically different.

Russia's Revolutionary Experience, 1905-1917

Without Lenin there would have been no Hitler. Hitler owed much of his rise to the support of conservative elites who feared a Bolshevik revolution on German soil and who believed that he alone could defeat Marxism.

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And the rest of his radical program was likewise justified by the threat of Leninist revolution. Without the Russian Revolution of , Hitler would likely have ended up painting postcards in one of the same flophouses where he started. No Lenin, no Hitler — and the 20th century becomes unimaginable.

Indeed, the very geography of our imagination becomes unimaginable. The East would look as different as the West. Mao, who received huge amounts of Soviet aid in the s, would not have conquered China, which might still be ruled by the family of Chiang Kai-shek.

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The inspirations that illuminated the mountains of Cuba and the jungles of Vietnam would never have been. Kim Jong-un, pantomimic pastiche of Stalin, would not exist. There would have been no Cold War. The tournaments of power would likely have been just as vicious — just differently vicious. The Russian Revolution mobilized a popular passion across the world based on Marxism-Leninism, fueled by messianic zeal.

What Was the Bolshevik Revolution? | AHA

It was, perhaps, after the three Abrahamic religions, the greatest millenarian rapture of human history. That virtuous idealism justified any monstrosity. The Bolsheviks created the first professional revolutionaries, the first total police state, the first modern mass-mobilization on behalf of class war against counterrevolution. Bolshevism was a mind-set, an idiosyncratic culture with an intolerant paranoid wordview obsessed with abstruse Marxist ideology.

Russia's Revolutionary Experience, 1905-1917

As Haimson demonstrates, both the Duma Russia's parliament and the revolutionary intelligentsia struggled to find an appropriate response to these developments. Drawing on publications and the private papers of Martov and Lenin, Haimson analyzes the differences between the revolutionaries regarding the realization of political goals and the role of the working class.

He demonstrates how ideology and personal proclivities framed their actions as the revolutionary tide mounted.

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Thus, while Martov believed that the revolution should be allowed to create itself under the democratic guidance and leadership of workers, Lenin saw the state and political power as the key to historical transformation. Brooks, Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries An elegant and stimulating book that all concerned with the period will wish to read.