Spin Correlations in Top Quark production at Electron Linear Colliders [thesis]

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CMS download spin correlations in top quark production age for all cost is with the FD serfdom based to the difficulty delivery and must alone be the growth through the EMC artists Silhouette. Lab-frame observables for probing the top-Higgs interaction - Boudjema, Fawzi et al. D90 no. Quasi-optimal weights: a versatile tool of data analysis - Tkachov, Fyodor J.

B arXiv Where boosted significances come from - Plehn, Tilman et al. D89 no. A arXiv Probing non-standard top-quark couplings via optimal-observable analyses at LHC - Hioki, Zenro et al. EPJ Web Conf. Constraints on supersymmetric soft phases from renormalization group relations - Garisto, Robert et al. CP observables with spin-spin correlations in chargino production - Bartl, A. Angular correlations in top quark pair production and decay at hadron colliders - Mahlon, Gregory et al.

CP violation in the top quark system through light squarks - Aoki, Mayumi et al. Couplings and amplitudes - Nachtmann, O. Diboson production at hadron colliders with general three gauge boson couplings. Analytic expressions of helicity amplitudes and cross-section - Nuss, E. Top quark physics: Future measurements - Frey, Raymond et al. CP violation - Bernreuther, W. Notes Phys. Dimension-six CP violating operators of the third family quarks and their effects at colliders - Yang, Jin Min et al. B , Erratum: Phys. Transcending the least squares - Tkachov, Fyodor V.

D73 , Erratum: Phys. The Role of polarized positrons and electrons in revealing fundamental interactions at the linear collider - Moortgat-Pick, G. Probing Higgs boson and supersymmetry induced CP violation in top quark production by un polarized electron - positron collisions - Bernreuther, Werner et al. Polarized single top production at leptonic colliders from broken R-parity interactions incorporating CP violation - Chemtob, M. Search for the electric dipole moment of the tau lepton - Belle Collaboration Inami, K.

Selectron production at an e- e- linear collider with transversely polarized beams - Bartl, A. Top production in hadron hadron collisions and anomalous top - gluon couplings - Haberl, P. The Decay rate asymmetry of the top quark - Grzadkowski, Bohdan et al. Bounding the top and bottom electric dipole moments from neutron experimental data - Cordero-Cid, A. G35 arXiv QCD corrections to static heavy quark form-factors - Bernreuther, W.

Triple gauge boson couplings - Gounaris, G. Search for CP violation in tau decays - Maravin, Y. Transverse polarization of top quark pairs at the Tevatron and the large hadron collider - Bernreuther, Werner et al. D80 arXiv P odd and T odd asymmetries in lepton flavor violating tau decays - Kitano, Ryuichiro et al.

Search for new physics at a super-B factory - Browder, Thomas E.

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Spin Correlations In Top Quark Production At Electron Linear Colliders [Thesis]

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