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We first explain what the JMP Journal is, then describe how it can be effectively used to keep track of an analysis and its underlying code , to present results to a boss or client, or to use as a collaboration tool. This paper provides insights into how Google works and illustrates numerous search tips and techniques for finding articles of interest, reference works, information tools, directories, PDFs, images, current news stories, user groups, and more to get search results quickly and easily.

In addition to the full range of classical and modern design of experiment approaches, JMP provides a template for Custom Design for specific requirements. Further, sample size and power plots are available. We give an introduction to these methods followed by two examples with data. A lively discussion will follow. JM : When will it break?

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Reliability analysis can help ensure that a product functions as intended throughout its life, guaranteeing happy customers who provide repeat business as well as referrals. Dependable products also reduce warranty costs, which can otherwise quickly eat away at your profit margins.

MWSUG 2013 Paper Presentations

Find out how you can model system reliability and increase mean time between failures. We will discuss the importance of management visibility, user group possibilities, and JMP training within your enterprise and in the community. You, the audience, will be an important part of the lively discussion that follows. Multiple users can be added to a project and changes can be made quickly and easily online. Not only do you need the data sets, you also need to keep a copy of all programs that were used to produce the deliverable as well as the corresponding logs when the programs were executed.

Any other information that was needed to produce the necessary outputs needs to be saved. All of these needs to be done for each deliverable and it can be easy to overlook a step or some key information. Most people do this process manually and it can be a time-consuming process, so why not let SAS do the work for you? Interactions between risk behaviors and reported mental states - such as depression, suicidal ideation, and disordered eating - are the main subject of this analysis.

This study also outlines demographic differences in risk behaviors and mental health issues as well as correlations between the different mental health issues. A final regression model including the most significant contributing factors to suicidal ideation, depression, and disordered eating is provided and discussed.

Results included reporting differences between the years of and All results are discussed in relation to current youth health trend issues. This presentation is meant for any level of SAS User. The statement includes a flow diagram, and the generation of these CONSORT flow diagrams is always problematic, especially when the trial is not the typical two-arm parallel design. Templates of the typical two-arm design flow diagram are generally available as RTF documents, however the completion of the individual fields within the diagram is both time consuming and prone to error.

This paper describes the process of reading and writing RTF files. The HMORN is a consortium of 18 health care delivery organizations with integrated research divisions with over 15 million patients. HMORN VDW is an excellent source of data for surveillance and observational studies of chronic conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

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The paper also discusses the challenges presented with data volumes and storage. SAS 9. In this study, number of referred or substantiated child maltreatment incidences over a particular period is modeled by using Poisson regression. This study aimed to examine to what extent to which variations in referred and substantiated child maltreatment are attributable to the variations in child and maternal demographic and characteristics of California Latino population.

In this paper, we will address some of the model building issues that are related to logistic regression. First program completion date Last program completion date Number of calendar days last date - first date , Overall and by Type. Number of work days count unique dates , Overall and by Type. Do the same issues come up from project to project? We can use this because we do have a standard for the spreadsheet tracking and entries by programming and statistics staff.

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Our hours are tracked elsewhere, but this will give you a good accounting of number of days for projections and it is an informative method of conducting process improvement. Attendees learn how to use this powerful option to better understand and control how a query processes. PT : Macro to Compute Best Transform Variable for the Model Nancy Hu, ASA Meet the Poster Authors session, Monday, PM - PM, Legislative Foyer This study is intended to assist Analysts to generate the best of variables using simple arithmetic operators square root, log, loglog, exp and rcp and such as monthly amount paid, daily number of received customer service calls, weekly worked hours on a project, or annual number total sales for a specific product.

During a statistical data modeling process, Analysts are often confronted with the task of computing derived variables using the existing available variables.

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The advantage of this methodology is that the new variables may be more significant than the original ones. This paper gives a new way to compute all the possible variables using a set of math transformation. Another definition is a person who is intelligent but socially and physically awkward.

Viewing the Descriptor Portion of Your SAS Data Set

This presentation intentionally focuses not on the negative descriptions, but on the positive aspects and traits many SAS users possess. In order to implement trend reporting with graphs and charts, the trend pdb must be built first. Thus my user experience of building the trend pdb is included. However; because of daily tasks or firefighting duties, or deadlines in getting out daily reports or other reasons they sometimes overlook building the trend performance database.

Additional reasons for the delaying the trend pdb implementation, include uncertainties of what is involved in building the trend pdb, what to include in it, unfamiliarity of the trend pdb structure and what information to collect for the trends. You can add this statement block to the GTL code and customize the appearance of each cell of the multi-cell graph, thereby improving the overall graphical visualization, and allowing better interpretation of the graph. Therefore to compensate, GTL options are manipulated so that weights can be displayed in pounds and kilograms, heights in inches and centimeters, frequencies in counts and percents, and temperatures in Celsius and Fahrenheit.

The Effect of Sample Size on the Efficiency of Count Data Models: Application to Marriage Data

The following GTL statements are used in version 9. Such is the case with the Body Mass Index and its four classifications: underweight, normal weight, overweight and obese. This presentation goes from conventional histogram to asymmetric violin plot with coverage of the categorical histogram along the way.

Version 9. Intermediate to advanced SAS programmers with experience using any graphics software will get the most out of this presentation. In this paper we will address the do's and don'ts of PROC REPORT touching on methods, options, and tricks that can be used; while discussing some of the more common mistakes users make that prevent them from creating the best looking reports possible. Our mission is to promote all things SAS among current users and the SAS-curious, as well as foster teaching, research, and technical development collaborations that take advantage of the many strengths of SAS.

We held our first meeting in November , became an officially recognized SAS local user group and launched our website in January, and have already hosted a seminar led by a SAS speaker. We meet bimonthly in a casual forum to discuss and share topics ranging from specific programming issues to better utilization of SAS software. This presentation is for any skill level with the intent of providing the audience with an introduction of our group, highlighting some of the areas of teaching and research our various members are engaged in and our plans for the future.

This paper addresses setup, initialization and workflow ideas to smoothen and enhance the transition to the EG graphical user interface centered around a process flow window. Work flow will be addressed in either standalone PC mode, or in conjunction with other servers local vs. Starting with hardware and network capabilities, the paper then moves into a discussion on data location and how that affects work flow.

Dual screen systems, split views and internal vs. The number of process flows in an Enterprise Guide Project offers flexibility in constructing the total programming effort. Techniques for submitting developing code for step-by-step processing vs. The paper will address environmental settings for both EG itself and for the advanced code editor. And lastly, the handiest key in EG, the F4 key, which is used to toggle back-and-forth between the current Process Flow window and the most recent window program, data set, log, output, etc.

The importance of understanding a strong file backup process relative to the work flow being followed will also be discussed. In the example, we start with a dataset that contains a list of up to 10 drugs assigned to a person ID. In this dataset each record contains the data by drug.