Proceedings of the Ninth Scandinavian Conference on Artificial Intelligence (SCAI 2006)

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Keith Downing Neural predictive mechanisms and their role in cognitive incrementalism New ideas in psychology. Simon Jonassen and Svein Erik Bratsberg Improving the performance of pipelined query processing with skipping—and its comparison to document-wise partitioning World wide web Bussum. Helge Langseth Beating the bookie: A look at statistical models for prediction of football matches Twelfth Scandinavian Conference on Artificial Intelligence. Conference Proceedings.

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Michael L. Joao B.

Waleed W. Kjell Bratbergsengen Cloud Computing in the Seventies. Peter H. Terje N. Lillegraven, Arnt C.

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Marvin Bredal Lillehaug, Thomas R. Mozhgan Tavakolifard, Kevin C. Mykland Information models leveraging identification of returnable transport items British Food Journal. Shengtong Zhong, Ana M. Martinez, Thomas D. Keith Downing Predictive models in the brain Connection science Print. March , Agnar Aamodt Case-based reasoning for advice-giving in a data-intensive environment Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications. Jon Olav Hauglid and Jon Heggland Savanta — search, analysis, visualisation and navigation of temporal annotations Multimedia tools and applications.

AAAI Press. Zhang, L.


Evaluation metrics for an experience-based mobile artificial cognitive system. June July 4, Shenyang, China. Execution Knowledge for Execution Monitoring: what, why, where and what for? Learning context-aware mobile robot navigation in home environments. I: Qualitative Representations for Robots.

Too cool for school - adding social constraints in human aware planning.

Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications

Using fuzzy logic to enhance classification of human motion primitives. I: Laurent, A. Configuration Planning with Multiple Dynamic Goals. Sathyakeerthy, S. Scaling up ubiquitous robotic systems from home to town and beyond. Konferensbidrag vid ACM conference on Pervasive and ubiquitous computing ss. Combining task and path planning for a humanoid two-arm robotic system.

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Constraint propagation on interval bounds for dealing with geometric backtracking. Constraints on intervals for reducing the search space of geometric configurations. Mansouri, M. Maintaining timelines with hybrid fuzzy context inference. Progress and challenges in planning for a two-arm robot. Self-sustaining learning for robotic ecologies. Gas source localization in indoor environments using multiple inexpensive robots and stigmergy.

Robots that change their world: inferring goals from semantic knowledge. I: Achim J. An evaluation of local autonomy applied to teleoperated vehicles in underground mines. IEEE conference proceedings. Herrero-Perez, D. Fuzzy uncertainty modeling for grid based localization of mobile robots.

I: International Journal of Approximate Reasoning. Amsterdam: Elsevier. A human-aware robot task planner. Human-aware task planning for mobile robots. Monitoring domestic activities with temporal constraints and components.

T.: Fast n-fold cross-validation for regularized least-squares (2006)

Callaghan, A. Kameas, A. Reyes, D. Royo, M. Weber, Intelligent environments Amsterdam: IOS Press. Johansson, R. Robotic furniture in a smart environment: the PEIS table. I: Michael Schneider et al. A framework for human-aware robot planning. Holst, P. Kreuger, P. Funk, Tenth Scandinavian conference on artificial intelligence. Amsterdam: IOS press.

Gritti, M. A self-configuration mechanism for software components distributed in an ecology of robots. Burgard, R. Dillmann, C. Plagemann, N. Vahrenkamp, Intelligent Autonomous Systems I: Towards affordance-based robot control.

The human pursuit of artificial intelligence - Thore Graepel - TEDxExeter

Automatic configuration of multi-robot systems: planning for multiple steps. I: Malik Ghallab, Constantine D. Konferensbidrag vid 18th European conference on artificial intelligence ss. Cooperative anchoring in heterogeneous multi-robot systems.

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Digital representation of everyday objects in a robot ecology via proxies. Flexible infrastructure free navigation for vehicles in underground mines. Laser based intersection detection for reactive navigation in an underground mine. The PEIS-ecology project: vision and results.

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