Owl at Home (I Can Read Book 2)

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Owl at Home.

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Owl made a new fire in the fireplace. The room became warm again. The snow melted away. The hard, green ice turned back into soft pea soup.

Owl sat down in his chair and quietly finished his supper. This story is amazing. Wintery and spooky. Owl is going to bed when he sees two strange lumps under the blanket. Owl lifted up the blanket. He looked down into the bed. All he could see was darkness. Owl tried to sleep, but he could not. This scary, frightening tale is a precursor to the Grudge. It would be scary as fuck. Of course, the "joke" is that Owl is lying in bed terrified of his own feet. Children will find this scary, yet ridiculous, in a way you swear no one could pull off, but Lobel does.

Then he boils his tears for tea and drinks it. Again, just the exact right combination of 'fun' and 'creepy as fuck. When he is upstairs, he wonders how things are going downstairs. When he is downstairs, he always wonders how things are going upstairs. Eventually he despairs. The book ends with "When I am up," said Owl, "I am not down. When I am down, I am not up. All I am is very tired! He sat on the tenth step because it was a place that was right in the middle. Owl goes to the beach at night.

He watches the moon for a long time. We must be very good friends.

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No matter how many times Owl tells moon that moon shouldn't do this, moon keeps following him. Eventually, The moon went behind some clouds. Owl looked and looked. The moon was gone.

Owl came home. He put on his pajamas and went to bed. The room was very dark. Owl was still feeling sad.


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But when he looks out his window, he sees that moon has followed him all the way home. Then he is not as sad, sleeping in the moon's glowing light coming through his window. Tl;dr - This book has been and always will be a classic for young children. Wonderful, amazing, and also serving as "baby's first scary book" which has the safety catch of not being too scary , Lobel brings us a true marvel.

Wintery and scary. A true classic from Ages View all 12 comments. Don't be fooled by the cheery, bright-eyed owl merrily beaming at you on the cover.

Owl at Home (I Can Read Book 2)

That candle is the only thing keeping our poor Owl from plunging into the darkness of his paranoid solitude. I don't know why I find this so amusing and seriously, it's one of the funniest books to read to your kids , but each of the five stories in this collection shows our protagonist suffering some level of dementia. And I'm not trying to put some sinister spin on this book unnecessarily.

All of these stories Don't be fooled by the cheery, bright-eyed owl merrily beaming at you on the cover. All of these stories find Owl completely alone, usually just trying to find comfort in the solitude of his little house, and usually, he fails. Owl just wants to go to sleep. But something always gets in the way. These stories include the following insights into Owl's fragile mental state: He addresses, at various points, the winter wind as a friend of his, the moon as a tormenter, his own self a genius stroke by Lobel - he yells up the stairs in an attempt to discover where he actually is - soon afterwards, he is rushing upstairs, feathers flying off of his tail, in pursuit of himself and his bedsheets.

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He smashes his bed to pieces in fear of his own legs, and he cries into a teapot by imagining the sad emotions of things such as a pile of mashed potatoes and some misplaced silverware.