Mйxico - Jalisco y Nayarit (Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta)

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The sky-high trip usually lasts around 15 min. Avoid Claudia's Parachutes in front of the restaurant Coco Tropical. Claudia's, run by Pepe alias 'Leche' is run by criminals laundering money for their cartel bosses.

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Your security is of little importance. Corruption runs deep in Mexico so they are allowed to continue to operate without consequences. Jet Skiing Jet skis can be rented at most beaches by the hour. Fish types include sailfish, dorado, marlin, bonito and yellowfin tuna, roostertail, jack cravel, pargo, red snapper and more denizens of the deep, black, blue and striped marlin. ProFishingVallarta Sports Fishing in Puerto Vallarta [52] - Offers fishing charter services throughout the whole year in Puerto Vallarta Mexico Horseback Riding There are many ranches in town that offer horseback Riding into small villages and through the forests.

They can last from a few hours to a few days. After the female turtles lay their eggs in nests they create in the sand, volunteers dig up the eggs and re-bury them somewhere safe from predators. After about 45 to 60 days, the eggs hatch. Without help, only about 1 in every 1, baby turtles will survive to adulthood because most are caught by predators before they make it back to the safety of the ocean. However, turtle repatriation volunteers keep the babies safe until it is time to set them free to head for the ocean at night when predators are less active.

You can be part of these programs. Hiking You will be hard-pressed to find information about simple hiking excursions because no one makes much money from hikers while they are hiking. Yoga Davannayoga [53] - great sunset yoga classes on a rooftop in old town in front of the ocean. Well known for its traditional style of yoga. Calle Matamoros on the corner of Corona.

New Nayarit Highway Links Jala, Compostela

This studio has high-mounted windows that bathe the studio in wonderful, natural light. Located off the first exit of Nuevo Vallarta; look for the water slides that can be seen from the road. Open daily except Mondays and Fridays from 10 AM. Theatre Puerto Vallarta didn't have an English language theater scene until recently.

North Shore - Offers a variety of live music. Offers Cooking classes taught by Le Cordon Bleu-certified chef Miriam Flores, and including a 6-course meal with dessert and wine, these classes are an exploration of authentic Mexican cuisine.

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Monday-Wednesday at 3pm, and dinner Monday-Friday from 6pm-9pm. At least two outlets - one in the old town and one in the centro. This is the place to go for reasonably priced tequila. Most of the flashy tequila shops are either factory stores or time-share gimmicks. In addition to the usual bead art and yarn art they also sell piece of more traditional Huichol handicrafts. Corona La Casa del Habano Vallarta's best selection of real Cuban cigars. They also have a cigar bar. Aldama , Zona Centro.