Kennedy, Macmillan, and the Nuclear Test-Ban Debate, 1961-63

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Skybolt had been promised to Britain in to extend the life-span of its strategic V-bomber force.

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It had become the centerpiece of the Macmillan government's defense strategy and the test of the credibility of the government itself. Murray depicts this in dramatic terms as a disastrous breakdown in Anglo-American relations, as the cherished multiple channels of intimate communication suddenly dried up in November and December , and as President John F.

Kennedy, McNamara, and their advisers showed no awareness of the problems cancellation would cause to Prime Minister Harold Macmillan.

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By Constantine A. London: Cass, Kennedy met the United States' "obligation to the British.


Despite the opposition of advisers, Kennedy gave Britain Polaris at low cost and helped to preserve the independent British nuclear deterrent for the following three decades. By Ray Takeyh. This is a study of five years of dramatic political events in the Middle East. The overriding problem is how the Eisenhower administration tried but failed to guide and influence Egyptian foreign policy into embracing American containment policy.

Ray Takeyh briefly reviews a number of complex issues in connection to this theme. Next the American thinking on a defense line along the Northern Tier and the Alpha plan an attempt to resolve the Arab-Israeli conflict is outlined.

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The results of those policies, the Israeli Gaza raid in February and the Egyptian arms deal with the Soviet Union in September, are considered in the fourth chapter. The next two chapters present Operation Omega, which aimed to reorient or marginalize Egyptian policy by exerting increasing economical and political pressure, and the Suez crisis.

The seventh chapter considers how the failure of previous policies led to a more active policy of American intervention in regional politics, the Eisenhower Doctrine. The doctrine is thus placed within the framework of American policy since Having successfully completed this module, you will be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of:.

A special feature of this module will be its examination of the tension between historical empiricism and generalizable theory and accordingly the major schools of thought used by scholars and practitioners to make sense of international relations: realism, liberal internationalism, and constructivism. Furthermore, you will consider the meaning of the nuclear revolution in relation to other major narratives about the late- twentieth century, including the cold war, United States hegemony, postcolonialism and globalization.

The module is structured as a series of primary source and secondary literature discussions about a particular historiographical controversy or theoretical debate related to nuclear weapons. A representative list of seminar themes would be how nuclear weapons can be evaluated in terms of morality, strategy, norms, and geopolitics.

Seminars will begin with an exploration of a particular historical case study and the various interpretations that historians have used to understand it, which will then serve as a basis for weighing whether different theories about nuclear weapons e. Thomas C.

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International Security. Shane J. Jennifer E. Sean L.

Kennedy, John F.

Atomic Tragedy: Henry L. Stimson and the Decision to Use the Bomb against Japan. You will write a historiographical essay words on a subject of his or her choice. The aim of the assignment is to acquaint you with existing literature on a research question that she or he would like to follow up on in the research paper and potentially their dissertation.

Kennedy and Macmillan

You will present an abstract with a short summary of the key debates in the literature about a particular case study of theoretical matter along with a list of ten secondary sources by week 4. The essay must be turned in with a cover sheet and bibliography at the end of week 8. You will write a research paper words on a topic of his or her choice. The goal of the assignment is to explain a significant event, topic, or debate in the international history of nuclear weapons from to