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Close banner Close. Bates; Peatlands: ecosystems dominated by bryophytes Dale H. Vitt; Role of bryophyte-dominated ecosystems in the global carbon budget K. O'Niell; Population ecology, population genetics, and microevolution A.

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Jonathan Shaw and B. Goffinet; Biogeography and conservation of bryophytes Benito C.

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Tan and Tamas Pocs; Index. Review quote 'I strongly recommend this bryophyte book to biology students and botanists, and to anyone interested in bryophytes. Well-referenced to the technical literature.

Serves as a key anchoring point as future research efforts unfold. An essential book for all bryologists! Rating details.

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Book ratings by Goodreads. Goodreads is the world's largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews. Mosses have green, flat structures that resemble true leaves, which absorb water and nutrients; some mosses have small branches.

Mosses have traits that are adaptations to dry land, such as stomata present on the stems of the sporophyte. Mosses are anchored to the substrate by rhizoids, which originate from the base of the gametophyte.

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The moss life cycle follows the pattern of alternation of generations where gametophytes form male and female gametophores, which fertilize to form the sporophyte; spores are released from the sporophyte to produce new gametophytes. The concentric tissue around the mouth of the capsule is made of triangular, close-fitting units that open and close to release spores, and the peristome increases the spread of spores after the tip of the capsule falls off at dispersal.

Key Terms peristome : one or two rings of tooth-like appendages surrounding the opening of the capsule of many mosses that aid in spreading spores rhizoid : a rootlike structure that acts as support and anchors the plant to its substrate seta : the stalk of a moss sporangium, or occasionally in a liverwort.

Mosses More than 10, species of mosses have been cataloged.

Bryophyte Biology by Jonathan Shaw

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